Welcome 2022 Sponsors!

We welcome a host of new and returning sponsors. Please support us by supporting these companies and organizations. Together, we’re making the Summit a reality!

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Title Sponsor: Patagonia WorkWear – makers of a line of hemp-based apparel with jackets, vests, sweaters, and shirts that hold up to horse work better than cotton or polyester. Check out the tough, attractive apparel at our trade show where it will be specially branded with our BHPS logo.

Read our review of the Women’s Barn Coat.

Session Sponsors:

Lucerne Farms – Meet the fun and friendly Lucerne reps at our trade show! After hay and grass, forage is the best option for horse feed. Forage is healthier than grain or any processed feed and is ideal for senior horses, horses in work, and when traveling. Learn more about Lucerne here.

Buy a custom-inked travel mug at the Summit

Stanley PMI – makers of traditional and contemporary gear for enjoying drinks and food in the outdoors, at the barn, in the car, on the trail, and, of course, at our conference! Remember: the Summit is going cupless this year! Grab a custom-embellished Summit travel mug when you’re at Spy Coast Farm.

Electives Sponsor:

Wrangler and their specialty lines, Ultimate Riding Jeans and ATG by Wrangler have stepped in to generously sponsoring our Friday electives: Women’s Leadership and Mindfulness Tools, Stockmanship, and Saddle Fit. You’ll see these presenters and elective volunteers sporting handsome Wrangler apparel. 

Contributing Sponsor:

Circle Z Ranchthis amazing ranch, located in beautiful Patagonia, Arizona, focuses on horseback riding for its guests. Plus, they offer gourmet meals and supreme hospitality. 

Spy Coast Farm – our venue host has generously contributed to our conference efforts with a charitable subsidy. Please make sure to thank the Spy Coast Farm team members when you see them in October. 

Additional Sponsors:

Director Maddy Butcher wears CR Ranchwear

We welcome Kate’s Real Food, maker of delicious, organic, and gluten free trail bars, as an additional sponsor. Founder Kate Schade is a big fan of multi-use access to public lands, where we trail riders can often be found. Buy a peanut butter chocolate Kate’s bar at the trade show. 

Nomadix makes towels from 100 percent plastic waste. Cool, colorful, endlessly useful towels for anywhere and everywhere. Find a fun collection of their mini, do-anything towels at our trade show. They’re perfect for barn chores, from wiping wounds to applying fly spray. 

CR Ranchwear – this Texas company crafts stunning performance shirts, especially for horsewomen. They have also branched out to menswear and knit options. Treat yourself to one of their beautiful cotton button downs and you’ll be the talk of the show. 

Trafalgar Square Books – the Vermont company publishes some of the best equine education books, including by Summit authors Jec Ballou, Jim Masterson, Susan Kauffmann, Christina Cline, and past  BHPS presenter Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.

Blue Nest Beef – The National Audubon Society created the Audubon Conservation Ranching program in response to steep declines in grassland bird populations. Their “green seal,” awarded to Blue Nest ranchers, empowers consumers to select products that come from lands where better management practices ensure diverse bird habitat, healthy soils, abundant pollinators, and cleaner waters. Try their Bobolinks beef sticks at the Summit!

Pharm Aloe Equine – We thank this small yet impressive company for dropping complimentary Aloe Gut syringes in our swag bags. Read more about the benefits of Pharm-Aloe in supporting GI health, immune system, aid the balancing of stomach pH.

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