Welcome Susan Pye and Wells Fargo

Susan Pye, a Wells Fargo Advisor, has stepped up to become a Patron Sponsor. We welcome Susan and her company. Susan is a Certified Financial Planner based in Portland, Maine. She writes: I am [...]

Summit Space Cherished

As the Best Horse Practices Summit approaches, the conference’s board of directors would like you to know that attendance is limited to 200 registrants. This maximum attendee number ensures that [...]

2019 BHPS Schedule is Here!

Register now for the Best Horse Practices Summit at Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, Maine, October 19-20. With electives on October 18 and 21. Friday, October 18 1 pm. Elective field trip to [...]

Announcing the Schiller Scholarship

We’re thrilled to announce the Warwick & Robyn Schiller Scholarship for the 2019 Best Horse Practices Summit. It provides for free attendance to the Summit for one qualified candidate. [...]

King to receive highest honor

We’re thrilled to learn that Dr. Sheryl King, this year’s Best Horse Practices Summit presenter on tick-borne disease, will be honored for the Distinguished Service Award at the [...]

2019 Summit Roster

We’re excited to welcome new presenters as well as popular returnees to our 2019 Best Horse Practices Summit at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, October 19-20. Register now [...]

2019 Presentation Excitement

While the snow falls and the horses enjoy of winter break, we’ve been busy putting together the ingredients for another enthralling Best Horse Practices Summit. Here’s our initial lineup of [...]

Summit Schedule is Up!

The Best Horse Practices Summit Schedule, October 7-9, 2018 in Durango, Colorado At the historic Strater Hotel and nearby LaPlata County Fairgrounds Register here Subject to minor changes. Trade [...]

Where Do You Get Your Information?

Editor’s Note: Dr. Sheryl King is professor emeritus of Southern Illinois University and one of the most popular presenters at the inaugural Summit. This year, she will present on [...]

Summit Minds Are Like Parachutes

A note from BHPS Director Maddy Butcher: From a neurological point of view, sticking to your guns and doing what you’ve always done is the easiest thing to do. Our horse-keeping and riding habits [...]

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