Maine Summit Feedback

Aside from the really positive results of our annual, post-Summit survey, we received many lovely comments directly from attendees and others. Thanks to all who sent us emails and messages!

Here are a few:

I was able to attend the BHPS in Maine and am so glad you held it here in the Northeast. It was a life changing weekend for me. Although I’ve been following Ray Hunt horsemanship for years, this really filled in some blanks for me and has already been of help in my relationship with my horses.



— I learned more this past weekend then I have learned in the last 14 years since I have had horses. I owe you big time for enlightening me and bringing such an incredible group of experts and horse people together!

I know need some serious pause time to chew on new knowledge and of course a lot more time with my four-legged ones. Thanks again to you and your great team for giving us so much to chew on . (In addition to the delicious food!)


Dr. Bob Bowker

— I put my fourth ride on a three-year old today. I’m using stuff that I learned at the Summit! She did great and followed me around after being ridden an hour. Confidence is priceless and it comes from knowledge. Sorry, I’m a little excited.



— There was a wonderful gathering of horse-loving people in Maine this October, and I’m so very thankful I got to go.

I love the process an idea goes through from thought to action. Three years ago Maddy Butcher had an idea – a weekend of presentations, demonstrations, and connection with other like-minded folks. It was the beginning of the Best Horse Practices Summit, with the first one being held in Durango, Colorado.

The idea was simple, and so needed in the horse world: a weekend of cutting-edge talks on horse care and innovative demonstrations on horse training, with a balance of horse science and horse sense to it all.

At the arena presentations

This year’s Summit saw Stephen Budiansky do the opening talk – his book “The Nature of Horses” was huge for me when I read it in 2003; I was enthralled with Dr. Steve Peters presentation on the horse’s brain; Dr. Sheryl King went so in-depth on tick-borne diseases; West Taylor applied science-based methods to his work with Burt the mustang; Katrin Silva and Amy Skinner presented together on how we can all ride with balance; Alayne Blickle spoke of ways to keep a farm environmentally friendly; Dr. Robert Bowker talked of cutting edge hoof science; and Jec Ballou demonstrated ways we can help our horses to ride with natural strength, balance, and flexibility.

It was one of the most seamless, well organized, information-packed, and fun equine gatherings that I had ever been to. The quality was amazing. If you have a chance to attend next year, I highly recommend it.

The horse world is ever-evolving, and with ideas like the one Maddy had for this event, I’m truly excited for where it’s headed.

Chris Lombard


— Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. [Margaret Mead]

I am still on a high from October’s Best Horse Practices Summit. The small group of thoughtful, committed citizens who make this event possible is changing the horse world for the better, with science-based information, presented in an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere. Thank you, Maddy Butcher, Steve Peters, Mary Ellen Spaite, Amy Skinner, West Taylor, Sheree King, Alayne Blickle, Amy Skinner, Jec Ballou, Julie Kenney, West Taylor, Josh McElroy, and everyone else who made last weekend a success. You’ve made a difference in my life, and the lives of all the horses I work with.

Katrin Silva

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