Scholarships and Volunteer Opportunities

For the third year in a row, the Best Horse Practices Summit is offering help for enthusiastic Summit attendees. Are you wanting to come, but may have trouble paying full registration costs? (The [...]

Are You a Knowledge Seeker?

Last week, I talked with a professional horsewoman from Australia. She was interested in traveling 10,000 miles to attend the Summit. This week, I helped a woman sign up from a Wyoming ranch. A [...]

Summit Space is Cherished

As the Best Horse Practices Summit approaches, the conference’s board of directors would like you to know that attendance has been limited to 200 registrants. This maximum attendee number ensures [...]

Bring 3, Get in Free!

We’re excited to have Best Horse Practices Summit registrants coming from all around the globe. So far, we have attendees hailing from Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Missouri, Alabama, [...]

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