Are You a Knowledge Seeker?

Maddy Butcher, Cindy Morin, and trailer director Beau GaughranA note from Best Horse Practices Summit executive director, Maddy Butcher:

Last week, I talked with a professional horsewoman from Australia. She was interested in traveling 10,000 miles to attend the Summit.

This week, I helped a woman sign up from a Wyoming ranch. A gentleman from Kentucky, who works with at-risk children and horses, finalized his Summit plans.

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These developments are the kinds of things that get me choked up, so moved am I by the enthusiasm for our event, the Little Conference that Could.

Less than two years ago, it was just an idea. This idea was that we humans could step up and do better for our horses. Since then, we have 2017’s event in the books (and available for streaming) and the next one getting queued up. It’s exciting stuff!

Recently, we worked with Beau Gaughran of Soulfolle Creative on a Summit trailer. Along with board and steering committee members, Dr. Steve Peters, Cindy Morin, and TJ Zark, we galloped through fields, introduced the horses to a drone behavior, and dodged thunderstorms.

Board member Zark shared these thoughts:

The Best Horse Practices Summit is designed for the knowledge seekers in our midst. It’s for those who recognize that the pursuit of great horsemanship is a never-ending quest.

Trailer director Beau Gaughan, of Soulfolle Creative, takes a well-earned break with a canine friend.

But it can be hard to find reliable information that’s grounded in research, vetted by science and every-day, practical review.

Where do you, the knowledge seeker, find resources and like-minded horsemen?

The Best Horse Practices Summit is the premier conference for knowledge seekers. It’s an exclusive event hosted in the beautiful mountain town of Durango, Colorado. And it’s just the right size for everyone to leave with some life-changing ideas and proven practices.

It’s where feel and facts come together.

It’s the conference your horse wants you to attend.

Are you ready to step up for your horses?

Register before August 1 and we’ll have a FREE Summit t-shirt or Redmond Rock-on-a-Rope waiting for you at our Welcome Reception.

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  • Julie Kenney

    So excited to be heading to Colorado again this fall. Can’t wait to catch up with old friends and acquire new ones!

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