Meet the People behind the Summit

The Best Horse Practices Summit is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization run by an executive director and many volunteers. It is served by a small, talented Board of Directors and steering committee.

Board president and Summit executive director, Maddy Butcher

Executive Director, Maddy Butcher: Aside from her duties of running the Summit, Maddy Butcher also maintains Cayuse Communications, a family of horse and outdoor-oriented websites. She’s a former free-lancer for the Boston Globe and Wall St. Journal with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others for the betterment of horse lives. Butcher is the author of Horse Head: Brain Science & Other Insights

King presents at the Summit in Durango

Board President: Dr. Sheryl King. She’s the past president of the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and a professor emeritus, former Equine Science Program Director at Southern Illinois University. Dr. King was elected a Fellow of the Equine Science Society in 2009, an Associate in the Fifty Year Horse Society, an SIU Outstanding Scholar and Faculty Service Award recipient.  She has authored many scientific research publications as well as general horse articles and has spoken on horse management topics on five continents. She will present on the keynote address at the 2021 Best Horse Practices Summit.

Board member Debbie Hight

Board Member: Debbie Hight, an active horsewoman from Maine. Hight is also chair of the Maine Grain Alliance board of directors and has excellent organizational talents, great brainstorming, and networking abilities. Hight coordinates Summit volunteers with fellow board member, Julie Kenney. She rides English and Western with her mare, Roxy. Read one of her guest columns here.

Board Member & Trade Show Manager: Julie Kenney, an avid Maine horsewoman and a warm and welcome presence in our popular trade show.

Julie Kenney

Kenney also manages the volunteers with Debbie Hight. When she is not helping to run Kenney Landscaping, Julie rides and trailers from her home in Harpswell where she runs Blackberry Farm. Read one of her guest columns here. 

Board Member: Josh McElroy, scholarship coordinator. McElroy is the horsemanship instructor at “The Stables” alternative high school at

Josh McElroy

Central Kentucky Riding for Hope (CKRH) in Lexington KY, where he also coordinates programs for veterans.  McElroy grew up in Texas and Oklahoma on ranches and has been training horses for over 25 years. Josh was introduced to the Summit by Steve Peters and Butcher when he connected over using evidence-based practices in his high school teaching curriculum. Josh also served for over 13 years in the Army as a Special Operations Medic. He’s excited to help others gain access to the Summit and sees it as a resource for making their interactions with horses more correct and beneficial for the horse. Read what he had to say about 2018 BHPS. 

Steering Committee:

Nicole Churilla graduated with an Associate’s degree in Horse Science in 2017 from The Ohio State University ATI and followed with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science from Ohio State University, graduating with honors in 2019. She lives in Ohio where she is a horseman and instructor for Windy Hill Farm.

Nicole Churilla

She is passionate about retraining horses and sharing her experiences with other aspiring horse enthusiasts. As an advocate for the horse, she is excited to be involved with the Summit.

Kimberly Loveless, a retired career federal employee, owns and operates Gin Lot Farms, LLC with her husband Larry in Virginia.  Kimberly is a life-long horse owner and trainer, who has gentled and trained their six American Mustangs in Classical Dressage.   Kimberly works with Mustang Heritage Foundation and the wild horse program managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Kimberly Loveless

Well versed in many training disciplines, Kimberly has focused her efforts over the last few years on working with challenging horses, incorporating natural horsemanship with positive reinforcement.

Cathi Champion

Cathi Champion lives in Washington and, later in life has discovered a new hobby and a beautiful Foundation AQHA mare. She notes that, “I wasn’t a horsey girl. I only started riding in my late 50s, so I have to compress all my horse interest into the here and now!”

Having decades of research experience throughout her career, the ownership of her horse is deeply connected to passion for learning everything that can be learned about horses.

Having recently retired from a career at Amazon headquarters, Cathi is now spending time with Satin Poco Chexolena – aka Velvet – and continuing her quest for fun and knowledge. Cathi is excited that the science of the horse has caught on throughout the industry and that BHPS has been at the forefront of the effort to be and do what is right for our horses.

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