Best Horse Practices Summit News

Summit Nurtures the Right Mindset

This week, we share reflections from Josh McElroy, one of our many vital volunteers at the 2018 Summit. McElroy introduced Dr. Steve Peters at the Strater Theater and looked after one of Katrin [...]

Her Very Own Stress Colic

Editor’s Note: This week, we heard from Kelly Heiser, a horsewoman in Alberta, Canada. She was among the first to register way back in March and traveled 1,500 miles to attend the Summit [...]

Ah-Ha, Part II

One new and exciting element to the Best Horse Practices Summit was the Monday evening storytelling session. Hosted by Tom Yoder, producer of the popular Raven Narratives, the evening session [...]

Getting the Party Started

On Monday morning, October 8, before a friendly, energized audience, director Maddy Butcher opened the 2018 Best Horse Practices Summit with these remarks: I’d like to welcome you all – attendees [...]

Osprey and 5 Star Equine Are Back!

This week, the Best Horse Practices Summit received welcome additional support from two of our favorite partners. Osprey, a outdoor company based in nearby Cortez, Colorado, and 5 Star Equine [...]

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