Best Horse Practices Summit News

Progress Report

Lest you assume the Summit staff is resting on its laurels and heading into winter hibernation, we can assure you such is not the case! We’ve been busy producing videos of this year’s [...]

Maine Summit Feedback

Aside from the really positive results of our annual, post-Summit survey, we received many lovely comments directly from attendees and others. Thanks to all who sent us emails and messages! Here [...]

Summit Helmet Policy

We had a few Summit attendees ask about helmet use at our conference last month. Here is a short synopsis of our policy: While we recognize that always wearing a helmet is likely a best rider [...]

2019 Summit Reflections

Scholarship recipient Sharon Parker generously sent us her reflections of her Summit experience: By Sharon Parker When a stone of truth is thrown into the pond of ignorance or misunderstanding, [...]

Single Day Passes

Back by popular demand, the Best Horse Practices Summit is now offering Single Day passes for a limited number of attendees. Cost, $190. Check out the schedule Register for the entire Summit [...]

Maine Represents!

Since we held our first volunteer meeting in Maine many months ago, the Summit has experienced a steady stream of in-state interest. We’re thrilled that horse owners, riders, and [...]

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