Summit Space Cherished

Dr. Sheryl King

As the Best Horse Practices Summit approaches, the conference’s board of directors would like you to know that attendance is limited to 200 registrants. This maximum attendee number ensures that participants enjoy an intimate, resonant experience from our academic and arena presenters. Thus far, we have registrants from 20 states and Canada. Yeehaw!

The Summit takes place on the beautiful grounds of Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, October 19-20.

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Jec Ballou

A stunning roster of speakers include: Stephen Budiansky, Dr. Robert Bowker, Dr. Steve Peters, Dr. Sheryl King, Alayne Blickle, along with horsemen Jec Ballou, West Taylor, Amy Skinner, and Katrin Silva.

Summit presenters are excited to offer talks that stretch standards and that weave holistically into a greater take-home message. Collectively, these presenters – men, women, academics, best-selling authors, and international clinicians – are deeply invested in improving the horse-human connection.

“The most amazing thing the Summit is that the presenters all stayed to hear and speak with each other and the attendees,” said board member Cindy Morin. “This is what a good and small conference is all about.”

Dr. King, a popular presenter and board member, added:

“I have attended a lot of professional-level horse meetings. This one stands out for me because of the welcoming and collaborative atmosphere.  It seems like everyone is there to learn and share.  It is very refreshing to experience such a free exchange of ideas from other horse enthusiasts.”

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  • Mary Ellen Spaite

    This summit is one of a kind. I have never experienced one like it. It allows for authenticity and connection between attendees that I have never found before. Real knowledge, real science (not pseudo!) real horsemanship, real connections…When you get the real deal, you will feel the difference!

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