Elective: Leadership and Mindfulness Tools

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This elective costs $50 and is limited to the first 50 students.


Leadership and Mindfulness Tools for Horsewomen

Friday, October 21, 2022, approximately noon to 4 pm.

Pepper Landson

Horsewoman and leadership coach Pepper Landson headlines this interactive workshop designed for equine professionals as well as recreational riders. This elective is a half-day offering and is limited to 50 attendees. It includes keynote presentation, guided discussions, practical demos, and a round table  discussion with equine professionals.

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donation, the cost of this elective has been reduced from $80 to $50. Those who paid more will be refunded at the Summit in October.

The workshop goal is to improve the quality of equine relationships through increased self-awareness and leadership. Pepper will empower attendees with actionable information and novel skills to:
1. Increase awareness of self-driven thoughts and behaviors that may be sabotaging the quality of horse-human partnerships
2. Self-adjust in real time to produce a more favorable outcome
3. Increase satisfaction in horse-human dynamics


Method for developing feel and skills:Attendees will learn how fear and joy present in the body.
• Fear isn’t just a gut thing; it often presents as physical tension in our muscles and joints. Where are you bracing?
• Joy isn’t just a heart thing, it expands us. Where do you feel the expansion?


Developing Self-Awareness:Attendees develop a simple practice to raise self-awareness (Ask, Answer, Calibrate)
• How am I showing up to this moment? Am I present?
• What ‘story’ am I telling myself about this moment? Story is rarely ‘truth.’


Developing an Effective Practice of Conscious Horsemanship:
Attendees will develop a personal practice to calibrate our minds and, therefore, our actions to support success.Return on Investment:
With small, daily adjustments to our consciousness, we can improve the quality of every relationship, starting with our horses.Leading is the way we help move others into action, ourselves included. We all lead, either by choice or default.


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  • Diane Brockett

    Hi! I’m coming from Long Island NY with 2 friends! One is from Cayuga Lake area in NY and one in my neighbor and dear friend too! We are very excited to be traveling to KY for the first time and learning from such great horse people!
    I’m ready to dusk it all in! I’m an Equus Life Coach, Horse Speak Practitioner, Masterson Equine Specialist … and a few other things too! This Summit looks to have a varied and fabulous venue!

  • Diane Brockett

    ( oops, soak it all in! )

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