Elective: Stockmanship

Students must be registered for the Summit before signing up for electives.

This elective costs $50 per student.



Stockmanship with Chris and Mike Stokely

Friday, October 21, 2022, approximately noon to 3 pm.


Most of us don’t use our horses for jobs. Yet the roots of much of what we do can be found in stockmanship. From movements to awareness to better connecting with our equines, it’s all there in cow work.

Chris and Mike Stokely are accomplished Kentucky ranchers and teachers who bring a wealth of experience and teaching skill to our Spy Coast conference. Join us for a 3 hour presentation and demonstration on the fundementals of stockmanship. Learn how your time in the saddle can be enlightened by this storied discipline.

The Stokelys will bring six calves to Spy Coast and will talk with attendees about balance zones, pressure, release, about position and handling. They may also use a mechanical roping dummy if appropriate.

Learn about position and handling, how we communicate with animals (horses and cows) and, especially, the benefits of cross training.

Two additional Summit presenters — Patrick King and Amy Skinner — will work cows during the final element of this demonstration. One will be riding English, the other Western, showing how horse movements can cross over from a discipline cow work to disciplines like dressage.

Ample time for Q & A.


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