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Kimberly Loveless joins the steering committee

Lest you assume the Summit staff is resting on its laurels and heading into winter hibernation, we can assure you such is not the case!

We’ve been busy producing videos of this year’s presentations and planning for next year. Check out our 2019 wrap video. Expect to hear from us in early 2020 about our new venue and presenter lineup. It’s going to be another great one!

The board and executive director, Maddy Butcher, have also released the Summit helmet policy and realigned the board and steering committee membership. We welcome Mary Ellen Spaite and Josh McElroy to the Board of Directors. New Steering Committee members include Robert Sheckler, Nicole Churilla, and Kimberly Loveless. Together, we’re from 11 states and have many different disciplines and backgrounds. Read about the people behind the Summit.

Nicole Churilla joins the steering committee

As a connected group of horse owners and enthusiasts, we go back and forth via phone, email, and in person. The fabric of our conversations includes topics on which we agree and disagree. There is a healthy, fluid current of ideas and opinions.

After a recent exchange involving an article on the horse racing industry and PETA, board member Debbie Hight wrote: “One of the reasons I love this group is everyone’s honesty and willingness to share.  I learn something every day.”

Fellow board member Mary Ellen Spaite added:  “It is essentially differences that create learning, change and meaning.  Problems aren’t solved because people think alike…they are solved because people with the same mission think differently.”

Indeed, these energetic, respectful exchanges have become a centerpiece of how and why the Summit is able to exist and grow. On one hand, it seems to be business as usual for us. On the other hand, it reminds us that different opinions shared in considerate, informed ways is lucky territory indeed. We believe:

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

Differences make us stronger

Inclusiveness is challenging and worthwhile.

Katrin Silva and Amy Skinner, featured in the 2019 Summit video

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