Welcome Bockmann Trailers

Bockmann trailer

This week, we welcome Jane Mears and Bockmann trailers to the Summit Sponsor family.

Bockmann trailers are made in Germany and have a host of innovative elements to their design. Most significantly, Bockmann trailers are lighter and may be towed behind cars instead of trucks. The trailer tongue load is less than conventional American trailers and they have a nifty hitch pivot that allows for smooth transition when driving from road to pasture, for example. (See hitch image below.)

The design is sleek and aerodynamic. The interiors are surprisingly roomy and built to be silent, comfortable and cool.

Check out the Bockmann models here.

Additionally, these trailers feature a European braking system that doesn’t require installation of an electric brake feature on your vehicle. The mechanical system adjusts and is speed- and load-sensitive, providing a smooth experience for both driver and horse.

Jane will bring a Bockmann trailer to the Summit and it will be on display during all our arena presentations at the Pineland Equestrian Center.

Welcome Jane and Bockmann!





Innovative hitch

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