Tell Us Your Story: Summit Storytelling

Attendee Stephanie Abronson tells at story at the 2018 Summit

For the second year in a row, we’re dedicating our Saturday dinner hour to sharing stories. The theme this year is Connection.

Storytelling is a great way to connect and share experiences. Stories foster empathy and create dynamic experiences for teller and listener alike. And it’s good for our brains: stories can activate numerous areas – from language processing to the motor cortex – and can increase the production of oxytocin, a beneficial neurochemical.

If you spend a life with horses, you can’t help but have stories to tell. And what better venue for storytelling than a theater full of horse owners and riders? Tell us your story.

As our friends at the local radio station, KSJD put it:

“Stories teach and explain, create emotion, and connect us in ways that nothing else can. Stories inform, entertain, and empower you to lead a more connected life,” said KSJD program director, Tom Yoder.

Director Maddy Butcher tells a story at the 2018 Summit

Talented Brown University instructor and horse enthusiast, Connie Crawford, will help host the evening as well as prepare and vet storytellers. She will help bring a wealth of cheer, talent, and warmth to the evening. It’s going to be fun!

Step on stage Saturday evening, October 19, in the Mt. Washington room at Pineland and tell us your story.

Our 2019 theme is Connection. Tell us about a moment in time when you had a connection. It should relate to your life with horses.

Our parameters:

Stories are told, not read.

True stories only

One story only

Told within 8-10 minutes

Story relates meaningfully to the theme

No stand-up routines, rants, or politics

No explicit endorsements of an organization or individual.

Consider sharing a story with us by contacting us here and giving us a brief synopsis. We will be in touch to hear about it by phone and/or email.

Check out all of our stories from last year here. 

Watch the trailer for Randy Rieman & Bryan Neubert’s storytelling at the 2017 Summit here.

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