Another Scholarship Offered

Kimberly & Larry Loveless of Gin Lot Farm are offering a full scholarship to the Summit

Another generous horse trainer has stepped up to offer a full scholarship to the Best Horse Practices Summit in Maine this October.

We welcome Kimberly Loveless of Gin Lot Farms of Fredericksburg, Virginia, to our Summit family.

Loveless and her husband, Larry, own and operate Gin Lot Farms, where they have successfully gentled scores of wild horses. The couple is passionate about successful, lifelong mustang adoptions and believe fervently in the need to give potential owners vital, evidence-based toolboxes full of skills and knowledge.

They join Robyn and Warwick Schiller who have supported the Summit with a scholarship offering since the Summit was founded.

Stay tuned for more from Kimberly and Gin Lot Farms.

Apply for a full scholarship here.

Kimberly Loveless works with a horse at Gin Lot Farm in Virginia

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