Equine Anatomy Offered

Along with the rest of the Best Horse Practices Summit, our elective on equine anatomy has been suspended, but there’s still an equine anatomy workshop that’s available in 2020.

It’s an incredible six-day, hands-on workshop in Denver in November. Learn more here.

Developed and instructed by Jon Zahourek, founder of the Anatomy in Clay ® Learning System, this innovative hands-on approach changes learning anatomy from difficult rote memorization into memorable, dynamic ideas.

In building the musculature with clay onto scale model skeletons, students discover the underlying simplicity of comprehensive anatomy, incorporating Zahourek’s unique insights into the chordate nature of humans and horses. Learn how our mammalian anatomical patterns are similar, about range of motion, and how horses are made to move.

The Equiken® Equine CoreData™1 Workshop is ideal for:

Educators, equine massage therapists, physical therapists, horse trainers, horse owners, practicing professionals, artists, and all equine anatomy enthusiasts.

The cost is $1,500. Save $150 when you register by September.

Register here.

Jon Zahourek

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