Early Birds Get Freebies at 4CBCH Tack Sale

The Best Horse Practices Summit will have a booth at the huge and popular Four Corners Backcountry Horsemen Tack Sale in Durango, CO, this Saturday, April 7. Come and take advantage of Early Bird registration prices and get your choice of a free Summit t-shirt or a Redmond block of Utah-mined salt.

Good stuff!

The 4CBCH does a remarkable job with this annual tack sale at the LaPlata County Fairgrounds. There is lots of gear: trailers, water tubs, fencing, saddles, headstalls, grooming supplies, boots, jeans, hay nets, belts, and much, much more. Prices are low. The volunteers are super helpful and knowledgable.

Interested in dropping off your unwanted gear? Come to the fairgrounds on Friday. (We might see you then, too.)

Our t-shirts come in a variety of colors and in men’s and women’s styles.

The Redmond Equine salt rocks are three to five pounds and valued at more than 10 bucks apiece.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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