Amy Skinner

    Photo by Julie Kenney

    Amy Skinner is a regular guest columnist and has been a horse gal since age six. She currently lives in North Carolina where she starts colts, and rides and teaches dressage and Western. Skinner has studied at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Spain, with Buck Brannaman, Leslie Desmond, Brent Graef, and many others.

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    Over two days, horsewoman Katrin Silva and Skinner will ride green and more finished horses to show how solid horsemanship can relate equally to dressage work and cow work. Additionally, they will demonstrate how to move toward more accomplished places of softness and finesse with less experienced horses.

    Silva and Skinner will show, for instance, how relaxation in a low frame is the foundation of more advanced work. Recreational and serious riders alike will love these presentations.

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