Welcome 2021 Sponsors!

We welcome a host of new and returning sponsors. Please support us by supporting them. Together, we’re making the Summit a reality!

Become a sponsor!

Title Sponsor:

Patagonia WorkWear – makers of a line of hemp-based apparel with jackets, vests, sweaters, and shirts. Check out the tough, attractive apparel at our trade show where it will be specially branded with our BHPS logo.

Read our review of the Barn Coat.

Session Sponsors:

Con.Struct – has contributed hundreds of cloth masks available to our attendees, staff, presenters, and volunteers. Con.Struct is a men’s & women’s clothing brand known for mixing & matching prints. Through our clothing and partnerships, we help to create your best memories with friends and family. Since its inception, Con.Struct has supported youth foundations, schools, and animal-based charities.

Lucerne Farms – After hay and grass, forage is the best option for horse feed. Forage is healthier than grain or any processed feed and is ideal for senior horses, horses in work, and when traveling. Learn more about Lucerne here.

Buy a custom-inked travel mug at the Summit

Stanley – makers of traditional and contemporary gear for enjoying drinks and food in the outdoors. Grab a custom-embellished Summit travel mug when you’re at Spy Coast Farm.

Contributing Sponsor:

Circle Z Ranch – this amazing ranch, located in beautiful Patagonia, Arizona, focuses on horseback riding for its guests. Plus, they offer gourmet meals and supreme hospitality. Look for a raffle to win a four-day stay at Circle Z Ranch.

Additional Sponsors:

We welcome Kate’s Real Food, maker of delicious, organic, and gluten free trail bars, as a new Session Sponsor. Founder Kate Schade is a big fan of multi-use access to public lands. That includes horse riders, too. Enter “Cayuse30” and get 30 percent off your first order.

Equine Guelph, University of Guelph – a leader in online equine education, this Ontario, Canada entity provides education and training to hundreds of students worldwide. We’ll be giving away 10 complimentary Equine Guelph online courses at the Summit.

Open Ed, University of Guelph -Equine Studies certificate and diploma programs. Offering online courses to horse enthusiasts and owners across the world.  In partnership with Equine Guelph, these programs provide students with the practical knowledge they need to improve the health and welfare of horses in their care.offering courses and programs to students worldwide.

Trafalgar Square Books – the Vermont company publishes some of the best equine education books, including by Summit authors Jec Ballou, Jim Masterson, Susan Kauffmann, Christina Cline, and past  BHPS presenter Dr. Gerd Heuschmann. Become a sponsor!

MEND.HORSE – Run by Liz Douglas MEND.HORSE, LLC, provides therapeutic modalities to develop your best horse. Founded by a desire to support horses in transition, we now serve top teams (KY, FL, PA) & contribute to equine aftercare & rehabilitation. 25% off first session!  Use “BESTHORSE2021” and click here.

Rein Safe – We welcome the talents and goods sent to us from Randy Winter, a veteran endurance rider from Colorado and generous Summit supporter. We’ll have dozens of his Rein Safe products available at the Summit trade show. Buy them here


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