Jon Zahourek – Equine Anatomy Elective

    Summit attendees will have a rare opportunity to learn equine anatomy from renowned anatomy specialist Jon Zahourek at a special Summit elective, offered on Friday, October 29.

    The class, which will cover the anatomy of the top line, runs four hours in length and is available only to those already registered for the Summit. Class size is limited to 25. Cost is $150. Students must be registered already for the Summit.

    After a late cancellation, one spot has opened for this elective. Contact us here if you would like to attend. It will be filled on first contact basis.

    Zahourek, founder of Anatomy in Clay, will bring his expertise and equine skeletons for this very special elective. Jec Ballou will be on hand to help students connect what they are building in the class to what they experience with their horses.

    Summit director Maddy Butcher first learned of Anatomy in Clay after watching this video on YouTube.

    “The whole learning concept resonated with me immediately,” said Butcher. “As a learner, I’ve always been pretty challenged. Low stress, hands-on processes work best for me. As a conference director, I’m always looking to engage our attendees in ways that really stick. Building muscles on likenesses of horse skeletons with your hands – it will be brilliant for our audience.”

    Zahourek, Butcher, and Summit presenter Jec Ballou met over the phone to design a custom program, one that would be especially relevant to the Summit crowd and schedule. They tailored the program to four hours on Friday, October 29. The session will cover the topline, that is, the muscles and ligaments running directly off the spine.

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