Dr. Robert Bowker
    Dr. Bowker, professor emeritus at Michigan State University, is one of the top researchers in the world on hoof form and function.  He has changed the way we view the hoof forever and brought hoof care into the 21st century.
    His research interests began in the early 90’s when he began focusing on how nerves aid and improve foot function, how horses use the many sensations present in the foot to negotiate within its environment, and how the foot dissipates energy and supports the horse during health and disease conditions.  He has presented his results to numerous international and national audiences and believes that a healthy foot translates to a healthy horse.
    Dr. Bowker presently continues his studies in understanding hoof function and how we can better improve the health and condition of the foot during such disease conditions as laminitis and navicular syndrome. Combining his research with his duties as Professor of Anatomy, Bob also consults online and in person with horse owners, hoof practitioners and vets from around the globe.

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