Dr. Martin Nielsen

    Dr. Martin Nielsen, a popular equine professor at University of Kentucky, will join us at the Summit for an elective presentation on parasitology. Nielsen will share his research and expertise as he debunks common practice around deworming.

    Dr. Nielsen shows off a jar of round worms collected from a foal

    A veterinarian with a PhD in equine parasitology, Nielsen has a YouTube channel with many videos on worms and deworming. Originally from Denmark, he’s a thoughtful guy who enjoys the challenge of conveying scientific research findings in an entertaining way. He’s not afraid to “go silly” if it means giving viewers a better experience and helps them understand the science in a meaningful way.

    At the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center, Nielsen says his job description is simple: “do useful research in equine parasitology, and communicate the finding effectively to other scientists, veterinarians, and end-users in terms of horse owners and farm managers.

    Read more about Nielsen here.

    Watch his YouTube channel here.

    Read his research on Google Scholar.

    In this October 29 presentation, Nielsen will introduce Summiteers to the world of worms and make a case for dismantling the myths and misconceptions around deworming protocol.

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