Summit Suspended

The Best Horse Practices Summit Board of Directors voted to suspend the 4th annual October Summit until next year. It did not do so lightly; it considered and debated a number of factors while making one of the most difficult decisions in this organization’s young life.

From BHPS Executive Director, Maddy Butcher:

The Summit board and I are feeling a bit like a young horse who’s gone through some excellent training, feeling at the top of her game, and now, unexpectedly, has been turned out to pasture.

Wait. What? I was feeling happy and confident and useful! I was getting so good at stuff!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of anthropomorphizing. But you get my drift. In the midst of preparation for another stellar conference, we’ve had to hit pause.

Wade Black will be back in 2021!
Photo courtesy of Western Horseman

Several factors contributed to our decision:

  • While most states are re-opening, it’s impossible to know what impact the pandemic will have in October. For instance, the state of Kentucky could limit gatherings to a size that would prevent us from holding the veritable conference.
  • Our survey results revealed that many attendees or potential attendees have concerns over air travel and social distancing measures that would impede or negate their participation.
  • Many in the Summit family fall into demographic vulnerable to Covid19.
  • The economic fallout from the pandemic has strained the resources of conference attendees as well as corporate and individual sponsors, compromising our ability to run a premier event.

Moving forward:

Pencil in us in for mid-October, 2021!

We are deeply grateful to our enthusiastic family of fans and attendees. THANK YOU for your support in the form of emails, Facebook and blog comments. Feel free to contact us anytime and let us know if there’s any way we can help in your horsemanship journey. If you’ve attended in the past and no longer have access to our video library, let us know and we’ll help you re-subscribe.

Christina Cline, co-author of Essential Hoof will be back

For those already signed up for the 2020 Summit, you’ll hear from us soon about options for full refund, place holding for next year, and other details.

We welcome all presenters back and are busy confirming their participation now.

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Pencil in us in for mid-October, 2021!

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