Patagonia Returns as Title Sponsor

Summit sponsor Dr. Petra Sullwold is wearing Patagonia WorkWear

The Best Horse Practices Summit is thrilled to announce the return of Patagonia WorkWear as title sponsor for our October event in Maine.

WorkWear features jackets, coats, pants, and tops specifically for hard-working outdoorsmen and women. The clothing line, available online and at the Summit, is designed for people like us, folks putting their backs into it every day. Made with innovative hemp blends or tough synthetics, every piece is comfortable, highly functional, built to last, and backed by Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee.

We’ve found WorkWear to be ideal for horse owners and riders. It lets you lift, move, heave, and haul while keeping the elements at bay. It stands up to barbed wire snags, bushwhacking, and bucking bales with ease.

Consider the line of Iron Forge Hemp jackets and coats, made of 55 percent hemp, 27 percent recycled polyester, and 18 percent organic cotton.  The material is supple but tough. No break-in period necessary! Third-party testing has shown that the fabric is 25 percent more abrasion-resistant than the cotton duck canvas you see in typical jackets.

“We want to put WorkWear in the hands of people who will test it, challenge it, appreciate its utility, and generally wear the sh*t out of it,” said Chris Gaggia, WorkWear marketing manager. “The Summit offers us a great audience. Riders, clinicians, ranchers, and vets – they are outside, working hard every day. WorkWear is perfectly suited to the demands of Summit presenters and attendees.”

Check out Patagonia WorkWear.

2017 presenter Warwick Schiller wears Patagonia WorkWear

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