Osprey and 5 Star Equine Are Back!

Look for Osprey’s wine cups at our receptions

This week, the Best Horse Practices Summit received welcome additional support from two of our favorite partners. Osprey, a outdoor company based in nearby Cortez, Colorado, and 5 Star Equine products, maker of premium wool pads and cinches, based in Hatfield, Arkansas.

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Osprey knows that horse owners are a bit like mail carriers. They’re out with their horses all the time, in all kinds of weather and conditions. Not just on sunny Saturdays. The company has donated a selection from their popular line of Flapjill handbags. We will have Flapjill Mini and Micro purses at our trade booth.

During our Welcome and Farewell reception, we’ll have special Osprey wine cups (perfect for horse camping!) available.

Osprey’s Vince Mazzuca says this of his company’s support:

Flapjill handbags are perfect for horse owners and riders

Horse owners and riders are sometimes overlooked by the outdoor recreation community. Not at Osprey. While they may not be swinging a 60-liter pack on their back for a week in the wilderness, they are active, outdoor enthusiasts and benefit from the same quality of product we bring to lifestyle lines of Everyday Packs. We think Summiteers will love the FlapJills.

5 Star Equine has been a generous and valued partner with the Summit since its inception. We love their high quality wool felt pads. Our horses do, too, as evidenced by their back wellness. Learn how to choose the right pad for your horse in this instructional video with owner and president Terry Moore.

One of 5 Star Equine’s new hand-tooled, hand-painted saddle pads

This year, we’re showing off a pad from 5 Star’s new, Limited Edition, hand-tooled and hand-painted collection. Look for the Western Classic in Durango, but check out the Hipster, the Freedom Rider, the Dream Warrior and other styles here.

5 Star allows riders to customize any purchase. Choose from five thicknesses (half-inch to one-and-one-eighths inch) and several size dimensions. Choose the best pad for your discipline (English, Western, Roping, Ranching, etc.) and your equine’s shape (horse, pony, mule).

Thanks, 5 Star and Osprey!

Another limited edition, hand-tooled, hand-painted wool pad from 5 Star Equine

  • Julie Kenney

    Can’t wait to check out all the sponsor products….top quality for us equine enthusiasts

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