Help Us Help Horses and Riders

This year, the people behind the Best Horse Practices Summit have an ambitious agenda of bringing this young conference to a new location, with an exciting roster of new and returning presenters.

Dr. Sheryl King

In Lexington, Kentucky, the Summit will feature presentations on rider balance and symmetry, young horse foundations, hoof anatomy, brain science, and more. There will be early registration in March along with volunteer and scholarship opportunities. We expect to educate hundreds in Lexington and thousands via our growing Video Lab.

Our staff is largely volunteer and our goals are lofty. Please donate here.

Can you help?

When you donate to the Summit, you help make the 2020 Kentucky conference possible. When you donate, you make the full presentations available online to stream for our eager international community.

When you donate, you help passionate, scholarship students attend this unique event.

This is a remarkable event that combines equine science with the sheer joy of owning horses. The Summit is a rare gem, a golden opportunity of seeing experts collaborate and lift up each other’s ideas. It’s where you can share a cup of coffee and a visit with world-renowned professionals.

Please support the Summit by donating here. We are deeply appreciative for your generosity. Thank you.

  • Mary

    It’s a “one-of-a kind“ special horse summit. Nothing like it.Best to get while in the Midwest! We are lucky it’s in our region this year! Yippee!

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