Electives Coming Soon

The Best Horse Practices Summit has a great track record of offering interesting, engaging electives before and after the two-day conference. Past electives have included yoga and strength training for riders, large animal composting, wild horse field trips, and equine anatomy.

This year, we are excited to announce three exciting options for those attendees who can spent a bit more time with us at Spy Coast Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. They will take place on Friday and Monday. Spy Coast Farm will also offer a tour of its facilities on either Friday or Monday. Return to this page for upcoming specifics on price, course details, and more. Elective fees are separate from Summit registration fees.

Saddle Fit

The best saddle is one that puts the horse first. That means a saddle, be it Western or English, or styled for any of the myriad riding disciplines, must allow freedom of movement and must safeguard against injury and discomfort. Join our two saddle-fitting professionals to understand the principles that can be applied with any saddle and to learn more about assessing comfort and range of motion. Keynote presentation, demonstrations, and hands-on work.

A half-day elective.


In the 21st century, cow work might be one of the last jobs we consistently do with horses. It is this legacy that the Best Horse Practices Summit honors with a session, complete with horses-and-rider pairs working cattle at Spy Coast Farm. Did you know that connections with dressage work, working equitation, and trail riding are easily found here? We’ll watch stockmanship professionals work cattle and enjoy seeing the clear connections between this enduring, utilitarian practice and our other riding disciplines. Lots of take-home ideas and skill-building.

A half-day elective.

Women’s Work/Women’s Leadership

In the male-dominated horse industry, it can be challenging for women to have a career, grow, and keep on working in a fulfilling way. This elective will focus on navigating workplace challenges, addressing burnout, identifying and combating self-doubt. It will feature a keynote address, small group sessions, a round table with horse professionals, and interactive work. Great skill-building sessions with plenty of take-home tools.

A half-day elective.

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