Dr. Steve Peters

    Dr. Stephen Peters, Psy.D., ABN, Diplomate in Neuropsychology and currently the Director of Intermountain Health Care’s Center for Brain Health.

    He is a neuroscientist specializing in brain functioning. As a horse brain researcher, he has given numerous presentations in the U.S. and Canada, performed many horse brain dissections, and is the co-author with Martin Black of Evidence-Based Horsemanship. He also collaborates with BHPS director, Maddy Butcher, on HorseHead: Brain Science to Improve Your Horsemanship.

    His presentation will provide an overview of the organization and function of the equine nervous system, the importance of neurochemistry especially the dopamine system in reward and learning. Peters’ presentation will dovetail with the first arena presentation with West Taylor.

    Peters will also offer a short seminar on the Healthy Rider Brain, which was a popular 2017 elective. This presentation will focus on how to maintain optimal brain functioning and reduce the risks for developing dementia through a multi-faceted approach to wellness.

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